Sowers Of Seeds Counseling

Sowers Of Seeds Counseling

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Sowers of Seeds Counseling is a locally based nonprofit organization committed to providing counseling services to indigent clients in need. The organization offers both residential treatment programs and intensive outpatient programs depending on the urgency and severity of each individual’s needs. Sowers of Seeds Counseling also specializes in services for survivors of domestic violence and chronic abusers through their Batter’s Intervention Program. Those who participate in residential programming live on site and participate in recovery protocols, counseling and peer networking. Outpatient services include AA and NA meetings, as well as targeted programming to support a full recovery from chemical dependence. All services offered through Sowers of Seeds Counseling are provided at a reduced cost to clients in order to ensure that all community members have access to treatment regardless of their financial situation. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact the organization using the information on this page.
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