Steps 4 Life Community Services

Steps 4 Life Community Services

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Steps 4 Life Community Services serves individuals and families affected by the criminal justice system during reentry. Their mission is to provide all participants and their loved ones with the job training, education and life skills that will help to return to the community successfully after incarceration. Staff and volunteers understand the importance of self-sufficiency, and they actively work with participants to develop skills that will help them live independently. Their hope is that assisting with education and employment will help break the cycle of incarceration and reduce recidivism. The organization offers several programs, including: Parents With Children, Save Our Veterans, Recidivism Prevention, Employment Readiness, and Personal Development. Participants have access to all programming depending on their unique needs. Several of the programs include residential and/or transitional housing, as homelessness is one of the leading causes of recidivism in the community. For more information or to quest assistance, contact the organization directly.
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