Successful Transition and Reentry Together (START) Program

Successful Transition and Reentry Together (START) Program

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The Successful Transition and Reentry Together (START) program of the Eastern District of Wisconsin. The START program is a prisoner reentry program for medium to high-risk wrongdoers returning to Milwaukee County from federal incarceration. This program is designed to assist candidates who are unemployed, underemployed, or who have other needs. The U.S. Probation Office determines a candidate’s eligibility for the program by assessing the risk of recidivism. The goal of the START program is to reduce the number of revocation proceedings before district judges, improve participants’ compliance with conditions of supervised release, increase their pro-social engagement with the community and decrease recidivism. The START program is comprised of four phases. Upon 52 weeks of satisfactory participation, participants are sent to regular supervision and be eligible for a reduction in their supervised release. Finally, the magistrate judge approves the acceptance of each participant into the reentry court program. Please contact the Eastern District of Wisconsin to learn more about the START program.
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