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TRC Ministries

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TRC Ministry is a nonprofit organization that runs a treatment program for individuals recovering from chemical dependence in St. Lucie, Florida community. They work exclusively with male participants, including formerly incarcerated men, those in need of private Counseling when released from jail or prison, including veterans. TRC Ministry provides wrap-around services to combat the underlying causes of chemical dependence and help men stabilize their lives. The treatment program functions in two phases which span one full year. During the program, individuals receive addiction recovery services and both individual and group counseling services. TRC is a Counseling Ministry that offers counseling services to families, individuals, couples, addiction, intervention and re-entry Counseling. They also work one-on-one with pastors to develop positive, faith-based habits to combat chemical dependence. In addition, individuals can contact the program directly for information or assistance with intake. For more details on the services of TRC Ministries, please contact them directly.

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