Televerde Foundation

Televerde Foundation

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Televerde Foundation is a non-profit organization that empowers currently and formerly incarcerated women with the skills needed to build meaningful and rewarding professional careers and successfully reintegrate back into their communities. Their core values are Empower Others, Be Accountable, Pay It Forward, Courageously Improve, Develop Resiliency. They provide mentoring by providing opportunities to connect with other women to support everything from the initial transition to professional mentoring. They also provide a personalized approach to financial education by focusing on personal priorities, quality of life and smart purchasing. They offer the James Hooker Endowment for Future Scholars Program (previously the Televerde Endowment for New Scholars, or TENS) – a scholarship program. The purpose is to encourage and assist women who worked for Televerde while incarcerated to advance their lives through higher education.

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