TGI Justice

TGI Justice

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TGI Justice Project is a community based organization founded by transgender, gender variant and intersex people fighting for human rights. The organization includes members who are currently incarcerated in prisons, jails and detention centers, as well as allies outside the corrections system. Their mission is to create a unified community focused on advocating for the rights, survival and freedom of all transgender, gender variant and intersex people. TGI Justice Project maintains a Re-Entry Program that serves formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community, including assistance accessing community resources, support locating safe housing and help locating permanent employment. They also participate in Black Trans Leadership Development, an initiative designed to empower Black TGI leaders inside and outside prison through political education and leadership development mentorship. The TGI Justice Project Legal Clinic works with drop-in clients fighting for gender justice and self-determination. For more information, contact the organization using the information on this page.
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