The Arizona Legal Center

The Arizona Legal Center

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The Arizona Legal Center (ALC) is a community legal resource that provides free legal aid and consultations in Arizona and can help you find answers to your questions about the law. The Arizona Legal Center is available to anyone, free of charge. Their attorneys are available to provide legal consultations in a wide variety of practice areas, including family law, juvenile law, veterans issues, landlord/tenant, employment, civil litigation, and criminal misdemeanor, as well as others. Through legal consultations, their attorneys can offer advice, guidance, and assistance in understanding your legal issues and the legal process, as well as help you determine the best way to address your specific legal needs. In addition, they provide low-cost document preparation in the areas of family law and juvenile law. However, ALC does not provide services in the areas of malpractice, product liability, criminal felonies, or public benefits. To get legal advice, please contact the Arizona Legal Center by using the information provided here.
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