The Community Restorative Justice Center, Inc.

The Community Restorative Justice Center, Inc.

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The Community Restorative Justice Center, Inc. (CRJC) is committed to providing a safe environment for resolving conflicts and promoting restorative justice and victim sensitivity throughout the entire community. The Offender Reentry Program at CRJC serves individuals from Caledonia County and southern Essex counties reentering the community after incarceration. Restorative Justice assists individuals in taking responsibility for their actions, repairing damage to victims and the community, and making plans not to repeat the offense. The legal clinic at Community Restorative Justice Center provides one-time advice about legal rights and responsibilities, options for dealing with legal issues, and information about how the legal system works. The legal clinic is for people who are low-income or have other barriers to getting legal help. The CRJC staff can assist with the completion of forms and applications, suggest approaches to resolving problems, identify legal and non-legal resources available to the resident and make referrals. Contact the Community Restorative Justice Center directly for further information about their services.
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