The Criminal Defense Clinic at the  NCCU School of Law

The Criminal Defense Clinic at the NCCU School of Law

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The Criminal Defense Clinic is a law clinic at the North Carolina Central University School of Law that provides high-quality legal service to community members who cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent them in misdemeanor criminal court proceedings or to provide legal advice about expungements and other criminal record relief. Under the supervision of experienced criminal defense attorneys, students interview and counsel their clients, conduct pretrial investigations, research and prepare for any necessary motions, negotiate with opposing counsel, prepare for trials, and handle all court appearances for their assigned cases. For those who need legal assistance of this nature, please complete the financial eligibility form for expungement advice. If financial criteria are met, the person will receive an appointment to receive legal advice on the date of the Expungement Advice Clinic. On a limited basis, the Clinic will accept Durham cases where a judge has determined that an individual does not qualify for a court-appointed attorney because the person does not face any jail time.  For those who wish to have Clinic representation in that situation, they must complete the financial eligibility form for misdemeanors on their website and submit it for consideration.

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