The First 72+

The First 72+

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The First 72+ is a nonprofit organization with a mission to stop the cycle of incarceration by fostering independence and self-sustainability through education, stable and secure housing & employment, health care, and community engagement. During the first three days (first 72 hours after release) they support clients with a ride home from prison, clothes, food, accessing vital records, enrollment in public benefits, visits with parole/probation, and healthcare (through the FIT Clinic). When someone is released from prison they often come home to numerous outstanding legal issues that impede their ability to rejoin the workforce, access housing, and access public benefits. In its Reentry Legal Services Clinic, they provide representation to assist with a variety of issues, including, getting their driver’s license reinstated, resolving municipal attachments and “ghost warrants” that pre-date their incarceration, addressing probation/parole holds, accessing professional licenses, and applying for food stamps and disability. They provide free legal services to overcome issues such as family law/child support, Traffic tickets, TWIC appeals/waivers, Landlord-Tenant, Public benefits, consumer law/credit report issues. But, the organization does not take expungements and divorce cases.

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