The Freedom to Choose Project

The Freedom to Choose Project

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The Freedom to Choose Project is a restorative organization working to support formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into the community. Their mission is to provide compassionate and informed educational resources to justice involved individuals in an effort to help break the cycle of recidivism and lower incarceration rates. They offer programs for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, allowing them to intervene and help rehabilitate individuals at every stage in the justice system. For currently incarcerated individuals, Freedom to Choose Project offers a large workshop on preparing for life outside, as well as long-term mentorship programs for both adults and young people. The organization also frequently offers workshops to community members who wish to act as mentors or lead workshops for incarcerated individuals. For more information about specific programs, or to request a workshop at your facility, individuals are encouraged to contact Freedom to Choose Project using the information provided on this page.
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