The House That Love Built

The House That Love Built

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The House That Love Built is a faith-based, charitable organization in Goodyear, Arizona, that provides housing to women transitioning from prisons or rehab facilities to live within a community committed to maintaining long-term sobriety. Their mission is to provide a safe, loving environment while equipping women to re-enter society restored, prepared and empowered. This organization assists women in need with housing, enrichment services, job skills, financial literacy training, health awareness, and referrals. Their enrichment services include classes such as life skill training, personal and spiritual development, financial peace, dressing the part, celebrate recovery and cooking on a budget. In addition, they provide referrals to community partners for additional services outside the scope of The House That Love Built. They concentrate on personal growth, responsibility, and accountability while working towards continued recovery, financial sustainability, and the spiritual growth of their residents. The House That Love Built has passed inspection with the AzRHA (Arizona Recovery Housing Association) to be recognized by the Arizona Department of Corrections as a preferred transitional home for women. They are also licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services. For further information, please contact them directly.
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