The Institute for Community Justice

The Institute for Community Justice

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The Institute for Community Justice is seeking to serve any person impacted by mass incarceration by providing support services that empower those affected to thrive as their fullest selves. They envision a world free from mass incarceration where communities have equitable access to health, safety, justice, and the opportunity to design their freedom. In order to achieve this vision, the Institute for Community Justice hosts a wide variety of programs and services oriented towards societal rehabilitation and reintegration. Some of these services include digital literacy, family reunification, GED support, healthcare linkage, prison support, and much more. The Institute for Community Justice reentry services are chosen by an evidence-based assessment of what is proven to provide the greatest reduction in recidivism, to help make sure that once people return home, they stay home for good. They believe everyone has their own unique needs in order to feel empowered to make a life for themselves on the outside, so they provide the widest variety of services possible in order to reduce recidivism and incarceration.

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