The Papillon Foundation

The Papillon Foundation

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The Papillon Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides free web-based tools and resources to formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to clear up their criminal records. The Papillon Foundation was established as a direct response to poor public policies that create a lifetime of dehumanization, degradation, societal revenge, and punishment. This organization rejects these unfortunate polices and instead focuses on generating more effective opportunities for victims of human trafficking, indigents and veterans. The ultimate mission of this compassionate agency is to give justice impacted individuals a chance for a fresh start by providing information on the expungement and sealing of criminal records, and additional relief resources such as pardons, waivers and Ban the Box. This fresh start would eliminate significant barriers to obtaining housing, education, and employment, thus reducing recidivism and providing a more successful reintegration into society. Some individuals may also be eligible for free legal document preparation. Contact The Papillon Foundation for more information on their services.

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