The Reawakening Agency

The Reawakening Agency

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The Reawakening Agency exists to help people who are in a transitional phase of life after incarceration or homelessness. Its purpose is to provide support, whether their needs are motivation, resources, or daily necessities. The Reawakening Agency aims to help justice impacted individuals move on to the next step in life by providing them with the tools to achieve personal independence. The Reawakening Agency provides an array of supportive and educational services. These services include life skills workshops, community engagement/stop the violence outreach, employment preparation, mentorship, family development, and more. The Reawakening Agency seeks to guide and mentor those who are less fortunate by helping others, building relationships, and completing goals. The Reawakening Agency and its equipping the less fortunate with the tools, basic necessities, and attitudes they need to succeed after homelessness or release from incarceration. For more information on their programs and services contact The Reawakening Agency directly.

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