The Women’s Housing Coalition

The Women’s Housing Coalition

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The Women’s Housing Coalition is an organization offering residential services for women experiencing housing emergencies. WHC offers low-income, single mothers and their dependents a space that develops and nurtures their independence, personal development, financial sustainability and a set of tools to become self-sufficient women and inspirations to their children. The organization believes in a hands-on approach, beginning with an evaluation of each candidate who applies to live in Coalition Housing. All women must maintain employment or remain enrolled in an approved education program to remain in the housing community. They must also attend self-development workshops and training seminars. The mission is to help women in need establish the habits and skills necessary for sustained, self-sufficient living. Potential residents must be able to provide government identification for themselves and their children, as well as verification that they are employed or actively pursuing an educational certificate or degree. Those receiving public assistance must also disclose this information to staff during entry.
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