Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc.

Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc.

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The vision of Transition Solutions Enterprises (TSE), Inc. serves incarcerated veterans. Their purpose is to provide a national model of programs and services to support the successful reentry of citizens from incarceration and conflict. Their programs address the needs of veterans and their families to combat homelessness, incarceration and recidivism as they transition back into their local and global communities. Their programs include leading-edge vocational, technological and agricultural training that not only provides support to participants and their families but also their communities; thereby meeting the needs of both in a holistic and sustainable manner.  The VRS Program is the primary program of TSE Inc. Its purpose is to provide both housing and employment immediately upon the return to the community. Elimination of those barriers for veterans and all returning citizens is seen as the key to the successful elimination of recidivism. This program is a 6 to 8 month, post-release program that will provide immediate employment and housing through building renovation projects. This program will capitalize on the millions of dollars already spent by states on their reentry projects. This program will also provide our returning clients: A housing reference history, Career Technical Education (CTE)/vocational training (such as welding, plumbing, hvac, etc.,) — access to the program, License and certifications upon completion of CTE.

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