TReND Wyoming

TReND Wyoming

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TReND Wyoming is a coalition of people and groups from across the state of Wyoming led by people and families directly impacted by our criminal justice system who believe that working with wrongdoers with mental health and/or substance use issues need to be front and center in the conversation about criminal justice reform and reinvestment. They also are civil liberties organizations, and represent Wyoming citizens in the criminal justice system. Trend Wyoming’s goal is to expand the community-based drug and mental health treatment access and funding across the state so that fewer people are needlessly spending time in jails and prisons. They believe that helping outside jails and prisons is much more effective than helping within those walls. Therefore, they organize community listening sessions. The organization contact legislators, by appearing in front of legislators and telling their story, making our voices heard, and working together to make the system work better to serve the people of the State of Wyoming.

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