Tristan Kade’s House

Tristan Kade’s House

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Tristan Kade’s House is a community based organization that serves vulnerable women in need of safe, stable housing. Their residential services are available to women in recovery, justice involved women returning to the community, as well as those experiencing a sudden medical or life crisis. All residents at Tristan Kade’s House are expected to maintain sobriety throughout the time living in the home; they must also demonstrate that they do not have convictions for sex crimes. Residents most often work, while others use unnamed support. The process to enter one of their homes begins with the submission of an online application, followed by a background check and application screening. During the pandemic, Tristan Kade’s added a requirement to answer a COVID-19 series of questions. All residents also agree to random drug testing and routine checks of all residential spaces. For more information about the home, individuals should contact the organization directly.
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