Trusted Mentors

Trusted Mentors

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Trusted Mentors is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer mentors to adults at risk of homelessness, or to those re-entering the community after time in prison. They are breaking new ground in Indianapolis by responding to this vital need for support in the community. Since 2015, Trusted Mentors has maintained a 95% average in helping people remain housed; and an 88% average in helping mentees not return to prison. Mentors make a positive change in the lives of participants by lead by encourage better choices, sharing wisdom gained by life experiences, offering guidance in setting attainable goals, and leading by example. As they support at-risk community members with sincere friendship and positive ideas, participants are able to stabilize their lives and succeed in reaching their new goals. Volunteer mentors are provided for clients in 26 participating agencies in Indianapolis. Contact Trusted Mentors directly for more information on their programs and services.
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