Tuscaloosa County, AL Public Defender’s Office

Tuscaloosa County, AL Public Defender’s Office

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The Tuscaloosa County Public Defender’s Office is the main public defender office for Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. It is located in the city of Tuscaloosa. The office acts as a team seeking to positively effect the lives of indigent clients who are charged with crimes in Tuscaloosa County. They provide professional, ethical and skilled representation to those who cannot afford legal representation. The mission of the Office of the Public Defender Tuscaloosa County is to provide client-centered representation to its clients. “Client-centered” representation means that the lawyer gives the client the power, ability and the right to decide what direction they wants their case to take, after being given the information and counsel they need. The lawyer attempts to understand the client’s situation from the client’s point of view, and respects that client’s right to choose the ultimate course of their case. The office not only respects its clients’ stated goals of representation, they also listen to their clients and examine their special needs as they relate not only to the best possible outcome for their cases, but the best possible means of improving their lives, and their place in the community. For more information on the services provided by the Tuscaloosa County Public Defender’s Office, please contact them directly.
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