Valley Court Diversion Program

Valley Court Diversion Program

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Valley Court Diversion Programs provides restorative justice services in Windsor County in Vermont and Sullivan and Lower Grafton Counties in New Hampshire. This community based organization assist individuals who have violated the law and have been referred to Valley Court Diversion to repair the harm caused by their unlawful actions. By offering education, providing referrals, and support, they empower those they serve to improve their quality of life while lowering the likelihood of getting involved in crime. Their Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP) provides an alternative to the civil court process for youth (under the age of 18) who violate Vermont’s underage alcohol and/or marijuana laws. YSASP helps young people understand the impact of using substances on themselves and others. They also offer pretrial services—a voluntary program for adults with substance use or mental health treatment needs going through the court process and awaiting final case resolution. Contact Valley Court Diversion Program directly to learn more about their restorative justice programs.
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