Van Buren County, AR Public Defender’s Office

Van Buren County, AR Public Defender’s Office

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The Van Buren County Public Defenders are assigned by the Superior Court. Their office in Clinton, Arkansas serves indigent persons throughout Van Buren County. Public defenders are committed to ensuring that all individuals facing criminal charges or a criminal trial have access to quality defense attorneys per their 6th Amendment rights. Van Buren County public defenders must be assigned by the court before they can provide legal assistance to defendants. Those who wish to use a public defender can make their request to the presiding judge. Defendants may be asked to prove financial need before a public defender is assigned. All attorneys with the Van Buren County Public Defender’s Office are board certified and qualified to provide legal advice, representation and other legal services. These services are provided at no cost to clients. For more information about specific services or to request assistance, individuals should use the contact information provided on the Van Buren County Public Defender’s office website.
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