Vermont Offender Work Programs

Vermont Offender Work Programs

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The Vermont Offender Work Program is an initiative by the Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) that prepares incarcerated people to earn a living and be contributing members of their communities and economy. The program offers meaningful work and job training to help incarcerated people succeed following release from corrections facilities. VCI operates independently, much like a business, outside the Department’s General Fund appropriation. VCI’s customer base is limited to federal and state agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. They operate within two central facilities, which primarily house incarcerated people whose cases have been adjudicated and who have begun serving their sentences. Incarcerated individuals interested in the program and seeking employment must undergo an application and job interview process. VCI also maintains employee records so that workers are accountable for their performance and can be promoted, maintained or dismissed appropriately. Contact Vermont Correctional Industries directly for more information on the Vermont Offender Work Program.
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