Voices For A Second Chance

Voices For A Second Chance

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Voices for a Second Chance is a community based organization that offers holistic services to support formerly incarcerated individuals. Volunteers and staff make assistance available to all 11,000 individuals who are processed through the Washington, DC correctional system. They serve both currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, beginning support prior to release to ensure that individuals have the best chance at permanent reentry. First Responder Services offer comfort and support during incarceration by taking charge of notifying loved ones, employers and landlords when an individuals is detained. They further assist loved ones with staying in touch while a family member is incarcerated. The Welcome Home Center offers a number of reentry services for those exiting correctional facilities, including: individualized case management, individual and group counseling services, assistance obtaining government documents, clothing and basic necessity pantries, referrals to residential programs and treatment centers, and assistance regaining the right to vote after a felony conviction.
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