Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham

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Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham (VLB) is a non-profit organization in the state of Alabama that provides immediate access to free high-quality attorneys so low-income families can obtain critically needed legal services. VLP helps low-income people get assistance with civil, family, and domestic legal problems. Their case priorities are focused on four areas: Safe Housing, Safe Finances, Safe Families, and Serving Veterans. Their services are for low-income families with limited assets — approximately $15,000 annual income for an individual or $31,000 for a household of four. They do not accept criminal cases. VLB serves low-income clients by deploying more than 20 legal Help Desks per month throughout the city, overseeing two special court dockets for low-income clients, and managing an extended representation program for clients whose issues cannot be solved in a one-time Help Desk engagement. You can talk to an attorney volunteer on the spot by visiting one of their Help Desks. Legal help is provided in person and at no cost. VLB does not provide legal advice over the phone.

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