Walker County, AL Public Defender

Walker County, AL Public Defender

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The Walker County Public Defender’s Office is the main public defender office for Walker County, Alabama. It is located in the city of Jasper. In Jasper, the Public Defender’s Office provides legal representation to individuals facing incarceration without the financial means to hire their own lawyer. The Jasper office represents its clients at all stages of their legal proceedings, starting at arraignment and ending at sentencing. During this time, the office team works diligently to provide its clients with the best legal representation available by connecting clients with social services, investigating and challenging police narratives, protecting clients’ rights, and ensuring they are guaranteed a fair trial. The office can provide guidance relating to legal representation in Jasper, criminal defense services and assigned counsel, Jasper legal aid, information on the local bar association and defender association, public court records, and free legal advice. For more information on the services provided by the Walker County Public Defender’s Office, please contact them directly.
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