Washington Innocence Project

Washington Innocence Project

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The Washington Innocence Project is an independent, nonpartisan voice in Washington State advancing key reforms to prevent wrongful convictions and improve our justice system. They provide true justice by freeing innocent people and reforming the system. Their work involves: providing free legal and investigative services to people who are actually innocent of the crime for which they were convicted; advocating for policy reform to prevent future wrongful convictions; supporting exonerees, their loved ones, and anyone impacted by the devastating effects of wrongful conviction. The Project’s team locate and request evidence, seeking out and interviewing new witnesses, and getting old case files and transcripts from former attorneys. They are committed to holding our justice system accountable and seek to identify and correct problems that perpetuate wrongful convictions, such as mistaken eyewitness identifications, coercive interrogations that lead to false confessions, and scientifically unsupported techniques such as bite mark evidence and other “junk science.” The project has advocated for policies and practices to identify, prevent, and rectify wrongful convictions in Washington State, too.

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