We Care Program

We Care Program

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The We Care Program is a prison ministry dedicated to seeing the redemptive power of Christ become evident in the lives of incarcerated individuals. Participants of this program will grow and make disciples in prison and beyond. Founded in 1970, the mission of We Care Program has always been to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ through chaplaincy in the correctional setting. This vision is what keeps We Care Program focused on their goals to minister each day to the men and women behind bars. This ministry program is available in many Alabama prisons, jails, and work centers and beginning to branch out to prisons in both Ohio and Florida. Their daily discipleship trainings aim to teach, mentor and equip incarcerated individuals with the tools to apply scripture in all matters of belief and behavior to make a lasting life change. For answers to any questions, or to learn more about their ministry, contact We Care Program directly.

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