Wheeler Clinic’s Community Justice

Wheeler Clinic’s Community Justice

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Wheeler Clinic’s Community Justice Services provide programming to justice involved individuals in need of treatment. Their Parenting Education Program assists parents with family issues, including divorce, separation and custody disagreements. This program is not free to participants, so arrangements for payment must be made ahead of enrollment. Justice involved individuals in the community may qualify for community support services as an alternative to incarceration, or as part of the terms for probation or parole. The Advanced Supervision and Intervention Support Team serves individuals over the age of 18 who are referred by the New Britain court system and require treatment for mental health conditions and/or chemical dependence. Wheeler Clinic also provides several programs that help address violent tendencies through conflict management workshops and mentor guidance. Certain individuals may receive a referral for pre-trial services related to charges related to drugs or alcohol. For more information, contact the program directly.
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