Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS)

Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS)

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Wisconsin Community Services (WCS) is a nonprofit human service organization that addresses the individual and systemic barriers that prevent many in our communities from leading productive and healthy lives. They provide human services and encourage individuals to build skills and overcome adversity, such as substance use, mental health needs, criminal justice involvement, and employment obstacles. In addition, WCS provides accountability and guidance for individuals through pretrial and post-conviction supervision, monitoring and treatment services. Their Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program provides pretrial supervision for persons charged with an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offense to reduce the likelihood of failure to appear in court and recidivism during the pretrial phase. Also, the Waukesha Adult Community Service Options (CSO) provides assistance and monitoring of community service for adults involved in the criminal justice system. Finally, the Jefferson County Treatment Court reduces alcohol and substance use participants’ negative impact on the community by enrolling participants in alcohol and other substance use treatment under strict judicial and community supervision. For further information on their services, please contact the WCS directly.
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