Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ Prison Ministry Project

Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ Prison Ministry Project

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Wisconsin Conference United Church is a faith-based organization. Their Prison Ministry Project works to serve prisoners, victims and their families, engage the broader church in prison issues and be an advocate for prison reform. The ministry provided resources for local pastors and congregations faced with members in prison or who wanted to learn how they could respond to the Gospel of Matthew. They also advocate for prison reform by helping members to understand mass incarceration as a critical human and civil rights issue in the U.S, providing opportunities for education, mobilization, public witness, and policy advocacy and recognizing the system’s disparate impact on people of color, youth, and people with limited economic resources. This organization also coordinates with other denominations and social justice programs around the state and aims to organize discussion groups, book study, Bible studies, or preach about prison and criminal justice issues. Please contact the Wisconsin Conference United Church directly if you wish to know more about their prison ministerial services.
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