Wisconsin Technical College System Re-Entry from Correctional Institutions

Wisconsin Technical College System Re-Entry from Correctional Institutions

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Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) is a group of educational institutions that delivers educational opportunities for justice-involved individuals by providing education services in State Correctional Institutions. In addition, the WTCS work with state county jails, serving individuals with opportunities to improve reading, math, and English Language skills, complete a high school credential, or pursue career training and postsecondary credentials. They offer instruction, curriculum, technology, materials, employment partnerships and support services to individuals involved with the justice system, including those incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. They aim to reduce barriers to successful re-entry, increase employability skills and opportunities, and reduce recidivism. Additionally, Wisconsin’s technical colleges offer individualized technical studies programs to meet you where you are in your education journey and help you best succeed in today’s workplace. WTCS also allows you to transfer any credits you may have already earned from another institution. Contact a college for information on Re-Entry programs on their website or reach out to the WTCS directly for further details.
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