Women’s Institute for Family Health

Women’s Institute for Family Health

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Women’s Institute for Family Health is a non-profit organization that serves men, women, children, youth, and families on a wide range of health and social issues to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. They strive to increase awareness of racial and ethnic health disparities and to develop viable strategies and services to reduce the rates of chronic and life-threatening illness among the most vulnerable members of their communities. In order to achieve this goal, the Women’s Institute for Family Health offers a variety of comprehensive healthcare services, including psychiatric assessment, drug and alcohol assessment and evaluation, emergency evaluations, medication-assisted therapy addiction education, and more. The goal with these services is to help clients learn strategies to promote better health, discontinue self-destructive behaviors and utilize all available resources and supports to build a life full of meaning, hope, and purpose. For more information about these services, the Women’s Institute for Family Health can be contacted directly via telephone or through the contact form on their website.

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