Working Alternatives, Inc.

Working Alternatives, Inc.

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Working Alternatives, Inc. is a community-based residential re-entry center that offers transitional housing services to formerly incarcerated individuals in the federal system. Residential Re-entry Centers (RRCs) are housing units for recently released justice-impacted people that use evidence-based curricula so that the particular needs of the ex-offender population can be met. Working Alternatives, Inc. provides a structured and secure reintegration program to residents in an effort to reduce recidivism and ultimately better our communities. Its mission is to blend public safety efforts and residential re-entry services to promote community well-being. Although employment is essential to life after prison, some ex-offenders who have literacy issues cannot compete in the job market. As a result, the RRC is designed to allow certain residents to work on literacy, formal education, vocational education, life skills training, anger management, stress management, and employability training. Participation in the RRC program averages from 4-6 months and includes a home detention component. Eligible program participants can go on home detention toward the end of their commitment, provided there is a stable and approved home location. For more information on the services provided by Working Alternatives, Inc., please contact them directly.
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