Wyoming Pathways from Prison

Wyoming Pathways from Prison

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Wyoming Pathways from Prison is a program led by the University of Wyoming that offers high-quality college courses at no cost to incarcerated women. The program is a trans-disciplinary and trans-professional statewide collaborative that aspires to support currently and formerly incarcerated people in navigating the waters of higher education and life more generally. Wyoming Pathways from Prison is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Corrections. The program has four central objectives – to provide no-cost college credit, in partnership with Wyoming community colleges, to incarcerated people; engage in valuable service to the state of Wyoming; mentor UW students in teaching and leadership; provide students with valuable real-world experience through teaching and assistance to the Department of Corrections. They also provide a wide range of on-site and distance learning opportunities to incarcerated people in Wyoming. Wyoming Pathways from Prison has Published a collection of incarcerated women’s writing in a special edition of Wagadu: Journal of Transnational Gender & Women’s Studies. 

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