Wyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins)

Wyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins)

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Wyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins) provides a seamless correctional system aimed at improving community safety. The mission of this organization is dedicated to providing public safety by exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane management, while actively providing justice impacted individuals opportunities to grow. Wyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins) services include employee training, substance abuse treatment, medical and mental health programs, and supervision programs. Individuals may be eligible for assistance obtaining high school equivalency diplomas (GEDs) or enrolling in higher education courses, as well as participation in court-ordered coursework related to anger management, conflict resolution and rehabilitation. Court supervision programs provide job training and work experience necessary to help individuals locate permanent employment after release. The organization is committed to developing individuals who are trying to reintegrate back into the community. Individuals can request more information or discuss eligible services with Wyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins) staff. Some services may be limited to those in pre-release or transitioning to community supervision programs.

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