Young Adult Guidance Center

Young Adult Guidance Center

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Young Adult Guidance Center is a community based organization dedicated to providing support and mentorship to young people in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization operates an outreach program focused on offering life skills and intervention measures to young people and their families. They utilize a holistic approach fueling the physical, mental and spiritual development of individuals and at risk youth in Atlanta. Young Adult Guidance Center offers employment and education assistance, mentoring, supportive services, and counseling as needed. They also partner with local colleges to offer young people connections to both higher education and career services so that all at-risk youth have viable access to opportunities that will prepare them for adulthood. Intervention methods are designed to help redirect participants before they enter the justice system, and to support those with criminal convictions so that they do not enter the cycle of re-incarceration. For more information about specific services, contact the organization directly.
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