Young Men’s Reentry & Women Rising Program

Young Men’s Reentry & Women Rising Program

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Community Works operates two reentry centers focused on restorative justice for transitional age youth (TAY) and justice involved women. One center serves those returning to the San Francisco community, while the other serves those reentering Alameda County. The program utilizes a combination of restorative justice, cognitive behavioral therapy, artistic creation, and family systems. Staff and volunteers have a goal of assisting TAY and women make a successful, permanent transition back into the community. The San Francisco Transitional Age Reentry center prioritizes gender responsive programming that focuses on the specific needs and experiences of each participant. All residents receive wraparound services. Additionally, the center partners with the No Violence Alliance to support individuals with multiple arrests. The Alameda County reentry center includes healing circles and musical programming as a method of therapy. Questions about specific services or eligibility should be directed to the reentry center closest to you using the information provided on the organization’s website.
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